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Life is everything. Let's make it a healthy one!

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Life is everything. Let's make it a healthy one!

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Ranked List Of 47 Foods In Spices, Herbs and Condiments That Contain Vitamin A, IU

Here's a list of all 47 foods in Spices, Herbs and Condiments that contain vitamin a, iu. The list is sorted from the food with the most amount to the food with the least amount.

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Foods Ranked 1 - 47 In Spices, Herbs and Condiments That Contain Vitamin A, IU

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Foodper 100gper Oz
1.Paprika (Spices)49,254 iu13,963.27 iu
2.Pepper (Red Or Cayenne, Spices)41,610 iu11,796.24 iu
3.Chili Powder (Spices)29,650 iu8,405.63 iu
4.Dried Spearmint10,579 iu2,999.1 iu
5.Marjoram (Dried, Spices)8,068 iu2,287.24 iu
6.Fresh Dill Weed7,718 iu2,188.02 iu
7.Bay Leaf (Spices)6,185 iu1,753.42 iu
8.Sage (Ground, Spices)5,900 iu1,672.62 iu
9.Coriander Leaf (Dried, Spices)5,850 iu1,658.45 iu
10.Dried Chervil (Spices)5,850 iu1,658.45 iu
11.Dill Weed (Dried, Spices)5,850 iu1,658.45 iu
12.Fresh Basil5,275 iu1,495.44 iu
13.Savory (Ground, Spices)5,130 iu1,454.33 iu
14.Fresh Thyme4,751 iu1,346.89 iu
15.Fresh Peppermint4,248 iu1,204.29 iu
16.Tarragon (Dried, Spices)4,200 iu1,190.68 iu
17.Fresh Spearmint4,054 iu1,149.29 iu
18.Thyme (Dried, Spices)3,800 iu1,077.28 iu
19.Seasoning Mix Taco (Original, Dry)3,744 iu1,061.41 iu
20.Rosemary (Dried, Spices)3,128 iu886.77 iu
21.Fresh Rosemary2,924 iu828.94 iu
22.Seasoning Mix Chili (Original, Dry)2,816 iu798.32 iu
23.Poultry Seasoning (Spices)2,632 iu746.16 iu
24.Parsley (Dried, Spices)1,939 iu549.7 iu
25.Oregano (Dried, Spices)1,701 iu482.23 iu
26.Cumin Seed (Spices)1,270 iu360.04 iu
27.Mace (Ground, Spices)800 iu226.8 iu
28.Basil (Dried, Spices)744 iu210.92 iu
29.Pepper (Black, Spices)547 iu155.07 iu
30.Allspice (Ground, Spices)540 iu153.09 iu
31.Saffron (Spices)530 iu150.25 iu
32.Caraway Seed (Spices)363 iu102.91 iu
33.Anise Seed (Spices)311 iu88.17 iu
34.Cinnamon (Ground, Spices)295 iu83.63 iu
35.Pumpkin Pie Spice (Spices)261 iu73.99 iu
36.Ground Cloves (Spices)160 iu45.36 iu
37.Canned Capers138 iu39.12 iu
38.Fennel Seed (Spices)135 iu38.27 iu
39.Prepared Yellow Mustard109 iu30.9 iu
40.Nutmeg (Ground, Spices)102 iu28.92 iu
41.Fenugreek Seed (Spices)60 iu17.01 iu
42.Dill Seed (Spices)53 iu15.03 iu
43.Celery Seed (Spices)52 iu14.74 iu
44.Mustard Seed (Ground, Spices)31 iu8.79 iu
45.Ginger (Ground, Spices)30 iu8.5 iu
46.Curry Powder (Spices)19 iu5.39 iu
47.Prepared Horseradish2 iu0.57 iu

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