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Life is everything. Let's make it a healthy one!

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Life is everything. Let's make it a healthy one!

Thank you for your visit!
Life is everything. Let's make it a healthy one!

Thank you for your visit!

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165 Listed Foods In The Category American Indian/Alaska Native Foods

In this category you will find Native American foods, alaska native foods and their nutritional profiles.

Native American food:

Native American food is recognized by its use of indigenous domesticated and wild food ingredients. Some of the most important Native American crops are corn, beans, squash, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, peanuts and avocados.

Alaska Native food:

Alaska Native traditional foods and the harvesting activities required to obtain them, have shown to be beneficial to human health. Alaska native cuisine consists of nutrient-dense foods such as seal, fish like salmon, and moose.

Foods In American Indian/Alaska Native Foods Listed In 125 Groups

The table below shows all of the 165 foods grouped in food types. The number in parantheses shows the number of foods within that food type.

Click on a food type to show the different foods.

You can find out what nutrients there are in each food by clicking on it. For every food we also show how many nutrients we have a measurement for.

Acorn Stew (1)
Agave (3)
Agutuk (3)
Apache Frybread (1)
Ascidians (1)
Banana Melon (1)
Beaked Hazelnuts (1)
Bearded Seal (5)
Bearded Seal Oil (1)
Beluga Oil (1)
Beluga Whale Eyes (1)
Beluga Whale Flipper (1)
Beluga Whale Liver (1)
Beluga Whale Meat (2)
Black Bear (1)
Blue Corn Bread (1)
Blue Corn Mush With Ash (1)
Blue Corn Tortilla (1)
Blue Cornmeal (1)
Bowhead Whale (2)
Broad Whitefish (2)
Caribou Bone Marrow (1)
Caribou Eye (1)
Caribou Hind Quarter (1)
Caribou Hind Quarter Meat (1)
Caribou Liver (1)
Caribou Rump Meat (1)
Caribou Shoulder Meat (1)
Caribou Stew/Soup (1)
Caribou Tongue (1)
Cattail (1)
Chilchen (1)
Chinook Salmon (5)
Chiton Gumboot (1)
Chokecherries (2)
Chum Salmon (2)
Cloudberries (1)
Cockles (1)
Coho Salmon (1)
Corn (1)
Corned Beef & Potatoes In Tortilla (1)
Cranberry (1)
Devilfish (1)
Dry Herring Eggs (1)
Elk (1)
Elk Eye Of Round Roast (2)
Elk Patties (1)
Fireweed (1)
Fish Soup (1)
Halibut (2)
Herbal Tea (1)
Herring Eggs (1)
Herring Eggs On Giant Kelp (1)
Hominy With Mutton Stew (1)
Horned Owl (1)
Huckleberries (1)
Indian Squash (2)
King Salmon (1)
Kneel Down Bread (1)
Lambsquarters (2)
Lingcod (2)
Mashu Roots (1)
Moose Liver (1)
Moose Meat (1)
Moose Stew (1)
Mouse Nuts (2)
Mutton (1)
Mutton Stew With Dumplings (1)
Mutton, Corn, Squash Stew (1)
Navajo Frybread (1)
Northern Pike (1)
Octopus (1)
Oopah (1)
Pacific Herring (1)
Piki Bread (1)
Pinon Nuts (1)
Pinto Bean & Hominy Stew (1)
Polar Bear (1)
Prairie Turnips (2)
Prickly Pears (2)
Red Salmon (5)
Ringed Seal (2)
Salmonberries (1)
Sea Cucumber (1)
Sheefish (1)
Sitka Deer (1)
Smelt (1)
Sourdock (1)
Spotted Seal Oil (1)
Squirrel (1)
Steamed Corn Stew (1)
Steelhead Trout (2)
Steller Sea Lion (6)
Stinging Nettles (1)
Tamales (2)
Tea (1)
Tennis Bread (1)
Tipnuk Salmon (1)
Top Round Steak (2)
Tortilla (1)
Walrus (1)
Walrus Liver (1)
Walrus Meat (2)
Walrus Oil (1)
Whale Oil (1)
White Corn (1)
White Cornmeal (1)
White-Winged Scoter (1)
Whitefish (2)
Whitefish Eggs (1)
Whole Blackfish (1)
Wild Blackberries (1)
Wild Blueberries (2)
Wild Cranberries (1)
Wild Plums (1)
Wild Raspberries (1)
Wild Rhubarb Leaves (1)
Wild Rose Hips (1)
Willow Leaves In Oil (1)
Yellow Corn (1)
Yellow Cornmeal (1)
Yellow Pond Lily Seeds (1)
Yellow Pond Lily Tuber (1)
Young Willow Leaves (1)

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