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Top 100 Foods With KJ (Energy) - Care Omnia Nutrition

Image of Ghee (Clarified Butter, Butter) that contains kj (energy)
Ghee contains kj (energy)

kJ, kilojoules is a unit of energy. It's a metric measurement of calories.

When we eat and drink, we put energy into our bodies. Some foods give more energy than others.

You can find foods high in energy in:

You can find a more detailed list of foods that contain KJ (Energy) below.

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Ranked List Of 100 Foods With KJ (Energy)

Below you'll find a list of the top 100 foods that contain kj (energy). It's ranked from the food with the most amount to the food with the least amount.

For ease of use, we've grouped together all foods that share the same rank.

By clicking on a food you'll get a list of all the nutrient content of that food.

100 Foods Ranked 1 - 5 With KJ (Energy)

Click on a food to explore all of the nutrients it contains.

RankFoods with KJ (Energy)per 100gper Oz
121 foods with the same rank/nutrient values3,770 kj1,068.8 kj
(Whale, Alaska Native)
(High Oleic, Industrial)
(Industrial & Retail, All Purpose Salad Or Cooking)
(Clarified Butter, Butter)
(Lard & Vegetable Oil)
(Fully Hydrogenated)
(Low Linolenic, Industrial)
(Alaska Native)
(Bowhead, Alaska Native)
2Two foods with the same rank/nutrient values3,760 kj1,065.9 kj
(Oogruk, Alaska Native)
(Pork, Rendered Fat)
(Animal Fat)
3,750 kj1,063.1 kj
(Alaska Native)
3,740 kj1,060.3 kj
575 foods with the same rank/nutrient values3,700 kj1,048.9 kj
(For Salads, Woks & Light Frying, Industrial)
(Partially Hydrogenated, Oil For Deep Fat Frying, Industrial)
(With Antifoaming Agent, Principal Uses Salads, Woks & Light Frying, Industrial)
(Theobroma Oil)
(Confection Fat, Typical Basis For Ice Cream Coatings, Industrial)
(Principal Uses Candy Coatings, Oil Sprays, Roasting Nuts, Industrial)
(Fractionated Palm)
(Fully Hydrogenated, Industrial)
(Salad Or Cooking)
(80% Diglycerides)
(Cold Pressed)
(Hydrogenated Soybean & Palm)
(Partially Hydrogenated Soybean, Partially Hydrogenated Cottonseed)
(Partially Hydrogenated Soy & Cottonseed, Principal Use As A Tortilla Shortening)
(Hydrogenated Soybean & Hydrogenated Palm)
(Salad Or Cooking)
(Confection Fat, Uses Similar To High Quality Cocoa Butter, Industrial)
(Hydrogenated, Confection Fat, Intermediate Grade Product, Industrial)
(Hydrogenated, Confection Fat, Uses Similar To 95 Degree Hard Butter, Industrial)
(Hydrogenated, Filling Fat, Industrial)
(Hydrogenated, Used For Whipped Toppings, Non-Dairy, Industrial)
(Salad Or Cooking)
(Salad Or Cooking, High Oleic, Primary Safflower Oil Of Commerce)
(Salad Or Cooking, Linoleic, Over 70%)
(Salad Or Cooking)
(Hydrogenated Soybean & Cottonseed)
(Hydrogenated Soybean, Hydrogenated Cottonseed)
(Hydrogenated Coconut Or Hydrogenated Palm Kernel)
(Industrial, For Frying, Partially Hydrogenated Soy)
(Partially Hydrogenated, Principal Uses Icings & Fillings, Industrial)
( Partially Hydrogenated, All Purpose, Industrial)
(Fully Hydrogenated, Industrial)
(Partially Hydrogenated, Multiuse For Non-Dairy Butter Flavor, Industrial)
(Partially Hydrogenated, Principal Uses Popcorn & Flavoring Vegetables, Industrial)
(Pourable Clear Fry, Partially Hydrogenated & Winterized Soy, Industrial)
(Refined, For Woks & Light Frying, Industrial)
(Ultra Low Linolenic, Industrial)
(Industrial, For Baking & Confections, Partially Hydrogenated Soy)
(Industrial, Pourable Liquid Fry Shortening, Partially Hydrogenated Soy)
(Industrial, Hydrogenated Soybean)
(Salad Or Cooking, Partially Hydrogenated, Cottonseed)
(Salad Or Cooking, Partially Hydrogenated)
(Salad Or Cooking)
(Linoleic Less Than 1%, Hydrogenated Soybean)
(Hydrogenated Soybean, Palm, & Cottonseed)
(High Oleic, 70% & Over)
(Linoleic, Approx. 65%)
(Linoleic, Less Than 60%)
(Linoleic, Partially Hydrogenated)
(Mid-Oleic, Industrial)
(Natreon Canola, High Stability, Non Trans, High Oleic, 70%)
(Soybean, Refined)
(Household, Composite)
fig 1. Foods with kj (energy) rank 1 to 5

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Foods In Different Categories With KJ (Energy)

The food categories below have foods that contain kj (energy).

Select a category to show a ranked list of all the foods in that category with kj (energy).

Food CategoriesNumber of foods
in category
Alcoholic Beverages67
American Indian/Alaska Native Foods164
Baby Foods341
Baked Products515
Beef Products954
Breakfast Cereals195
Candy, Sweets or Lollies356
Cereal Grains and Pasta184
Dairy and Egg Products292
Dressings and Condiments70
Fast Foods314
Fats and Oils154
Finfish and Shellfish Products264
Fruits and Berries285
Lamb, Veal, and Game Products464
Legumes and Legume Products296
Meals, Entrees, and Side Dishes81
Nuts and Seeds137
Pork Products338
Poultry Products383
Restaurant Foods109
Sauces and Gravies74
Sausages and Luncheon Meats168
Soups, Broths, and Stews181
Spices and Herbs55
Vegetables and Vegetable Products818
fig 2. Food categories with foods that contain KJ (Energy)

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