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Life is everything. Let's make it a healthy one!

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Life is everything. Let's make it a healthy one!

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Life is everything. Let's make it a healthy one!

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Nutritional Profile of Babyfood Pear Juice - Care Omnia Nutrition

We got 26 nutritional values in our nutrition profile for Babyfood Pear Juice.

Nutrient content compared to all foods

When comparing its nutrient content to all foods in our tool we find that it ranks very high (Top 25) for 26 nutrients.

Most notable of them being

Nutrient content compared to foods in the same category

A comparison between its nutrient content to foods in the same category (Baby Foods) shows that it ranks well (Top 50) for four nutrients.

These are

Additionally, a comparison to foods in the same category shows that it ranks moderately (Top 100) for six additional nutrients.

With the highest ranking of them being

You can find these and more nutrient rankings below.

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Nutrient Content Of Babyfood Pear Juice

The nutrient content of food is mainly divided into macro- and micronutrients.

Below you'll first find a macronutrient profile that will give you a sense of how the measured macronutrients compare to each other.

After that you'll find our detailed nutrient profile with all measured nutrients.

Macronutrient profile of Babyfood Pear Juice

Macronutrients are mainly divided into carbohydrates (carbs), lipids (fats), and protein.

In our macronutrient profile we also include water as we think that it gives a more complete picture of how nutrient dense the food is.

Figure 1. Macronutrient profile of Babyfood Pear Juice


Percent of 100 grams of food. Values can differ from nutrient profile below due to rounding.

And now, let's look at the detailed nutrient profile!

Life is everything. Let's make it a healthy one!

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Detailed nutrient profile of Babyfood Pear Juice

Below we list all the nutrients that we have a measurement for. This is where you can find out what micronutrients there are in your food.

All nutrients are grouped together according to their type. Click on a nutrient type to show the individual nutrients. You can find other foods that contain the same nutrient by clicking on it.

If you can't find a specific nutrient, we recommend you go to our complete list of nutrients or try searching for it.

Nutrient Profile: Babyfood Pear Juice

In food category: Baby Foods

Nutrients (26)
Carbohydrates (3)
Water-soluble Vitamins (8)
4 µg
1.1 µg
4 µg
1.1 µg
4 µg
1.1 µg
300 µg
85 µg
30 µg
8.5 µg
10 µg
2.8 µg
10 µg
2.8 µg
33.8 mg
9.6 mg
Fat-soluble Vitamins (2)
90 µg
25.5 µg
3.4 µg
1 µg
Minerals (8)
12 mg
3.4 mg
65 µg
18.4 µg
8 mg
2.3 mg
12 mg
3.4 mg
130 mg
36.9 mg
0.4 µg
0.1 µg
8 mg
2.3 mg
80 µg
22.7 µg
Other Micronutrients (1)
2.6 mg
737.1 µg
Water (1)
87.9 g
24.9 g
Other (3)
240 mg
68 mg
43 kcal
12.2 kcal
179 kj
50.7 kj
Figure 1. Nutritional profile of babyfood pear juice with 26 nutrient values.

Foods Available Online

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Common Serving Sizes Of Babyfood Pear Juice

Here's some of the different portion/serving sizes to get a sense of the weight.

Amount / MeasurementWeight in GrWeight in Oz
Bottle Heinz Strained (4 Fl Oz)125.0 g4.4 oz
Bottle Gerber First Food (4 Fl Oz)125.0 g4.4 oz
Bottle Beech-Nut Stage I (4 Fl Oz)125.0 g4.4 oz
Bottle NFS125.0 g4.4 oz
Bottle Earth's Best (4.2 Fl Oz)131.0 g4.6 oz

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