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Life is everything. Let's make it a healthy one!

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Life is everything. Let's make it a healthy one!

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Life is everything. Let's make it a healthy one!

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Ranked List Of 149 Foods In Spices, Herbs and Condiments That Contain Iron, Fe

Here's a list of all 149 foods in Spices, Herbs and Condiments that contain iron, fe. The list is sorted from the food with the most amount to the food with the least amount.

We recommend you also check out our dedicated page for Iron, Fe or take a look at what other foods there are in Spices, Herbs and Condiments.

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How To Use The Tables

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Foods Ranked 1 - 50 In Spices, Herbs and Condiments That Contain Iron, Fe

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Foodper 100gper Oz
1.Thyme (Dried, Spices)123.6 mg35.04 mg
2.Basil (Dried, Spices)89.8 mg25.46 mg
3.Dried Spearmint87.47 mg24.8 mg
4.Marjoram (Dried, Spices)82.71 mg23.45 mg
5.Cumin Seed (Spices)66.36 mg18.81 mg
6.Ground Turmeric (Spices)55 mg15.59 mg
7.Dill Weed (Dried, Spices)48.78 mg13.83 mg
8.Celery Seed (Spices)44.9 mg12.73 mg
9.Bay Leaf (Spices)43 mg12.19 mg
10.Coriander Leaf (Dried, Spices)42.46 mg12.04 mg
11.Savory (Ground, Spices)37.88 mg10.74 mg
12.Anise Seed (Spices)36.96 mg10.48 mg
13.Oregano (Dried, Spices)36.8 mg10.43 mg
14.Poultry Seasoning (Spices)35.3 mg10.01 mg
15.Fenugreek Seed (Spices)33.53 mg9.51 mg
16.Tarragon (Dried, Spices)32.3 mg9.16 mg
17.Dried Chervil (Spices)31.95 mg9.06 mg
18.Rosemary (Dried, Spices)29.25 mg8.29 mg
19.Sage (Ground, Spices)28.12 mg7.97 mg
20.Parsley (Dried, Spices)22.04 mg6.25 mg
21.Paprika (Spices)21.14 mg5.99 mg
22.Ginger (Ground, Spices)19.8 mg5.61 mg
23.Pumpkin Pie Spice (Spices)19.71 mg5.59 mg
24.Curry Powder (Spices)19.1 mg5.41 mg
25.Fennel Seed (Spices)18.54 mg5.26 mg
26.Fresh Thyme17.45 mg4.95 mg
27.Chili Powder (Spices)17.3 mg4.9 mg
28.Dill Seed (Spices)16.33 mg4.63 mg
29.Coriander Seed (Spices)16.32 mg4.63 mg
30.Caraway Seed (Spices)16.23 mg4.6 mg
31.White Pepper (Spices)14.31 mg4.06 mg
32.Cardamom (Spices)13.97 mg3.96 mg
33.Mace (Ground, Spices)13.9 mg3.94 mg
34.Fresh Spearmint11.87 mg3.37 mg
35.Ground Cloves (Spices)11.83 mg3.35 mg
36.Saffron (Spices)11.1 mg3.15 mg
37.Poppy Seed (Spices)9.76 mg2.77 mg
38.Pepper (Black, Spices)9.71 mg2.75 mg
39.Mustard Seed (Ground, Spices)9.21 mg2.61 mg
40.Natto (Fermented Soybean Product)8.6 mg2.44 mg
41.Cinnamon (Ground, Spices)8.32 mg2.36 mg
42.Pepper (Red Or Cayenne, Spices)7.8 mg2.21 mg
43.Seasoning Mix Taco (Original, Dry)7.2 mg2.04 mg
44.Allspice (Ground, Spices)7.06 mg2 mg
45.Fresh Rosemary6.65 mg1.89 mg
46.Fresh Dill Weed6.59 mg1.87 mg
47.Raw Parsley6.2 mg1.76 mg
48.Garlic Powder (Spices)5.65 mg1.6 mg
49.Worcestershire Sauce5.3 mg1.5 mg
50.Fresh Peppermint5.08 mg1.44 mg

Foods Ranked 51 - 100 In Spices, Herbs and Condiments That Contain Iron, Fe

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Foodper 100gper Oz
51.Molasses4.72 mg1.34 mg
52.Yeast Extract Spread4.04 mg1.15 mg
53.Onion Powder (Spices)3.9 mg1.11 mg
54.Seasoning Mix Chili (Original, Dry)3.9 mg1.11 mg
55.Fresh Basil3.17 mg898.68 ug
56.Raw Basil3.17 mg898.68 ug
57.Nutmeg (Ground, Spices)3.04 mg861.83 ug
58.Miso (Fermented Soybean Paste)2.49 mg705.9 ug
59.Pimiento2.06 mg584 ug
60.Raw Cilantro1.77 mg501.79 ug
61.Teriyaki Sauce1.7 mg481.94 ug
62.Teriyaki Sauce (Reduced Sodium)1.7 mg481.94 ug
63.Raw Garlic1.7 mg481.94 ug
64.Cooked Garlic1.69 mg479.11 ug
65.Recaito (Puerto Rican Little Coriander)1.68 mg476.27 ug
66.Canned Capers1.67 mg473.44 ug
67.Maple Sugar1.61 mg456.43 ug
68.Raw Chives1.6 mg453.59 ug
69.Prepared Yellow Mustard1.59 mg450.76 ug
70.Mustard1.59 mg450.76 ug
71.Soy Sauce1.45 mg411.07 ug
72.Steak Sauce (Tomato-Based)1.37 mg388.39 ug
73.Soy Sauce (Reduced Sodium)1.35 mg382.72 ug
74.Tomato Relish1.19 mg337.36 ug
75.Cooked Hot Peppers (Unspecified Form, Made Without Fat)1.18 mg334.52 ug
76.Cooked Fresh Hot Peppers (Made Without Fat)1.18 mg334.52 ug
77.Cooked Frozen Hot Peppers (Made Without Fat)1.18 mg334.52 ug
78.Hot Pepper Sauce1.16 mg328.85 ug
79.Cooked Hot Peppers (Unspecified If Cooking Fat Added, Unspecified Form)1.15 mg326.02 ug
80.Cooked Fresh Hot Peppers (Unspecified If Cooking Fat Added)1.15 mg326.02 ug
81.Cooked Frozen Hot Peppers (Unspecified If Cooking Fat Added)1.15 mg326.02 ug
82.Cooked Hot Peppers (Made With Unspecified Fat, Unspecified Form)1.15 mg326.02 ug
83.Cooked Frozen Hot Peppers (Made With Unspecified Fat)1.15 mg326.02 ug
84.Buffalo Sauce1.09 mg309.01 ug
85.Taco Sauce1.04 mg294.84 ug
86.Hoisin Sauce1.01 mg286.33 ug
87.Hot Thai Sauce940 ug266.49 ug
88.Cocktail Sauce830 ug235.3 ug
89.Puerto Rican Seasoning With Ham810 ug229.63 ug
90.Puerto Rican Seasoning (With Ham & Tomato Sauce)810 ug229.63 ug
91.Tomato Chili Sauce (Catsup-Type)800 ug226.8 ug
92.Plum Sauce (Asian Style)750 ug212.62 ug
93.Balsamic Vinegar720 ug204.12 ug
94.Brown Sugar710 ug201.28 ug
95.Carmelized Sugar710 ug201.28 ug
96.Raw Sugar710 ug201.28 ug
97.Miso Sauce670 ug189.94 ug
98.Enchilada Sauce (Red)670 ug189.94 ug
99.Cooked Fresh Hot Peppers (Made With Unspecified Fat)650 ug184.27 ug
100.Barbecue Sauce640 ug181.44 ug

Foods Ranked 101 - 149 In Spices, Herbs and Condiments That Contain Iron, Fe

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Foodper 100gper Oz
101.Raw Hot Chili Pepper640 ug181.44 ug
102.Cinnamon Sugar630 ug178.6 ug
103.Mustard Sauce610 ug172.93 ug
104.Cooked Canned Hot Peppers (Made Without Fat)520 ug147.42 ug
105.Cooked Canned Hot Peppers (Unspecified If Cooking Fat Added)500 ug141.75 ug
106.Cooked Canned Hot Peppers (Made With Unspecified Fat)500 ug141.75 ug
107.Wasabi Paste500 ug141.75 ug
108.Brown Sugar (Liquid)490 ug138.91 ug
109.Red Wine Vinegar450 ug127.57 ug
110.Puerto Rican Seasoning (Without Ham & Tomato Sauce)450 ug127.57 ug
111.Chutney430 ug121.9 ug
112.Prepared Horseradish420 ug119.07 ug
113.Salsa (Not Further Specified)420 ug119.07 ug
114.Red Salsa (Commercially-Prepared)420 ug119.07 ug
115.Red Salsa (Homemade)420 ug119.07 ug
116.Horseradish420 ug119.07 ug
117.Honey420 ug119.07 ug
118.Duck Sauce390 ug110.56 ug
119.Tomato Catsup350 ug99.22 ug
120.Tomato Catsup (Reduced Sodium)350 ug99.22 ug
121.Table Salt (Iodized)330 ug93.55 ug
122.Fry Sauce240 ug68.04 ug
123.Canned Or Bottled Lime Juice (100%)230 ug65.2 ug
124.Salsa (Pico De Gallo)230 ug65.2 ug
125.Sweet & Sour Sauce210 ug59.53 ug
126.Cider Vinegar200 ug56.7 ug
127.Vinegar200 ug56.7 ug
128.Vanilla Extract Imitation (Alcohol)130 ug36.85 ug
129.Vanilla Extract120 ug34.02 ug
130.Fructose Sweetener (Sugar Substitute, Dry Powder)100 ug28.35 ug
131.Lime Juice (100%, Unspecified Form)90 ug25.51 ug
132.Lime Juice (100%, Freshly Squeezed)90 ug25.51 ug
133.Agave Liquid Sweetener90 ug25.51 ug
134.Blue Agave Liquid Sweetener (Sugar Substitute)90 ug25.51 ug
135.Lemon Juice (100%, Unspecified Form)80 ug22.68 ug
136.Lemon Juice (100%, Freshly Squeezed)80 ug22.68 ug
137.Canned Or Bottled Lemon Juice (100%)60 ug17.01 ug
138.White Confectioners' Sugar (Powdered)60 ug17.01 ug
139.Vanilla Extract Imitation (No Alcohol)50 ug14.17 ug
140.Sugar (Not Further Specified)50 ug14.17 ug
141.White Sugar (Granulated Or Lump)50 ug14.17 ug
142.Sugar Substitute & Sugar Blend50 ug14.17 ug
143.Sugar Substitute (Sugar-Aspartame Blend, Dry Powder)50 ug14.17 ug
144.Sugar Substitute (Saccharin-Based, Dry Powder & Tablets)40 ug11.34 ug
145.Sugar Substitute (Aspartame-Based, Dry Powder)40 ug11.34 ug
146.Sugar Substitute (Saccharin-Based, Dry Powder)40 ug11.34 ug
147.Brown Sugar Substitute (Saccharin-Based, Dry Powder)40 ug11.34 ug
148.Distilled Vinegar30 ug8.5 ug
149.Sugar Substitute (Low-Calorie, Powdered, Not Further Specified)20 ug5.67 ug

Recommended High Quality Iron, Fe Supplements

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You have to know what to look for and it takes a lot of work to go through the myriad of available products.

We maintain a recommended page for iron supplements that's updated/reviewed several times a year.

Iron, Fe Supplements Available Online

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Foods In Other Categories That Contain Iron, Fe

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